Michael Padow
Dean of Students   Vincent Wright   
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LeiLani Adams English 377
Russ Ascheman Tuition Officer 310
Allison Baker CWSP 383
Rob Barker CWSP 313
Melanie Becker  Nurse 340
Aaron Clark College Counseling     309 
Kathleen Conwell  Institutional Advancement - Scholarships 372
Jobin Davis  English 318
CWSP Educator
Tre DeBose  Recruitment Coordinator Admissions 328
Technology Associate
Dorothy Dunn Main Office 329
Maria Luisa Fitzmorris  Spanish 343
Jonna Garcia Alumni 363 
Margaret Girardin Campus Ministry / Art 358
Sister Maureen Hall Director of Mission 303
Todd Hall Director of Instructional Technology 302
College Counselor
Selena Hughes English 324
Tom Hynek Facilities Coordinator 327 
Trudy Jonas Institutional Advancement Grants 346
Ted Koppen  Director of Corporate Work Study 369
Paulette Krick Data and Analysis Coach 385
Gonzalo Lagos Spanish 337
Mary Lane Theology  324
Cobina Larson Science 322
Pamela Leibbert  Social Studies
Richard Lindo Science 375 
Amy Livengood Business Director 305
Marcela Lopez Director of Admissions 326
Sandie Morgan Seminar  344
Jerry Morris  Social Studies / Seminar 321
William Naves Math / Science  
John O'Connor President 301
Michael Padow Principal 332
Bibiana Perdomo Main Office 331
Sister Linda Roth Alumni Coordinator 315
Elizabeth Sobhani Student Counselor 311
Rebecca Summers Director of Institutional Advancement 306
Meghan Tallman Institutional Advancement Events 359
Laurie Taylor
Accounts Receivable 345
Keith Thomas Lead Custodian  
Michael Turner English 341
Sister Barbara Wieseler  Volunteer and Mentor Coordinator 371
Tom Woodard Math  376
Vincent Wright Dean of Student Life-Athletic Director 319